Samsung Dishwasher 14 Place Silver Model- DW60M5070FS


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12 Months Warranty
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  • Wide LED Display
  • Flexible 3rd Rack
  • Express Wash (60 min

Samsung Dishwasher 14Place Silver DW60M5070FS

Cleans thoroughly with less energy & effort

Samsung Dishwasher 14Place Silver DW60M5070FS,  Enjoy a much smarter and more efficient way of cleaning dishes. It has a high energy efficiency rating, and the baskets move effortlessly and can be configured to hold many different items. You can also remotely control the dishwasher and download specialist programs using the SmartThings App*.

Shows how the dishwasher's Free Standing design means it can fit easily between existing kitchen cabinets.

Uses less energy, cleans effectively

High Energy Efficiency

Use less energy but still clean dirty dishes effectively. Under the new European energy labelling system due in 2021, it has a high energy efficiency rating with B/C energy labels*. So it is proven to consume less power without impacting on its washing performance or sacrificing functionality.

* B energy label: DW60A8070** & DW60A8060**, C energy label: DW60A8050** & DW60A8040**.

Shows the dishwasher's energy label, with its B rating and key Eco data - 64 kWh, 14x settings, 8.5L, 3:50 run time and 43dB.

Simply more convenient

Clearly see if it’s on with one glance

Floor Info Light

Check if your dishwasher is working with one quick glance! The Floor Info Light projects a blue beam onto the floor when a wash cycle is in progress. It’s easy to see, even from a distance. And as soon as your dishes are clean and ready to be unloaded the light turns off. So no more guessing!

Shows a blue light being projected onto the floor during a wash cycle, so you can clearly see if the dishwasher is working.

A smarter way to clean your dishes

  • * Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

Sleek & seamless looking sliding door

Kitchen Fit™ Sliding Door*

Make sure that your dishwasher fits perfectly into your kitchen furniture. The Kitchen Fit™ Sliding Door* features a sliding hinge that allows the door cover to slide upwards when the door is opened. So, unlike a fixed hinge, the door can be opened fully without having to cut the plinth below.

* Only available on certain models: DW60A8060IB, DW60A8040IB.
** Custom panel weight range: 4-10kg (Self adjusting).

Shows how the Kitchen Fit™ Sliding Door's cover slides upwards when the door is opened, so it does not hit the plinth below.

Hygienic rinsing to eliminate bacteria

Hygiene Care

Rinse hygienically to eliminate germs and bacteria. With certain programs, a Hygiene Care option extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70˚C. This enables deeper cleaning and kills off 99.999% of bacteria*. So your dishes, cutlery and utensils are always safe to use.

* Based on testing by Intertek: place a test vessel that has been injected with bacteria into the dishwasher, and count the number of bacteria before and after washing with the Eco + Sanitize course. Removes 99.999% of certain bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis and Listeria monocytogenes. Individual results may vary.

Shows a dishwasher full of plates, cups and glasses that have been rinsed at 70˚C to kill off 99.999% of bacteria.

Sanitize the inside without detergent

Keep the inside of your dishwasher hygienic, while being eco-friendly. Using Self Clean you can clean the cavity with one touch of a button. It removes dirt and odor-causing bacteria using only water, so you don’t need harsh detergent. And it automatically notifies* you when it needs cleaning.

* A smartphone App, available on Android and iOS devices, and a Wi-Fi connection are required.

Shows the sparkling clean interior of the dishwasher after using the Self Clean function.

Less noise. Less disturbance at home.

Extra Quiet

Minimize noise in your home. The dishwasher works more smoothly and quietly as it has an Inverter motor. It also has an Extra Silence program that washes a little bit slower, but creates 2 decibels less noise than the ECO program*. The amount of noise it makes is even quieter than a library.Shows a woman reading to a child without being disturbed by the noise of a dishwasher that's using the Extra Silence program.

* Extra Silence program: 40~41dB, ECO program: 42~43dB. Based on testing conducted in an internal laboratory.

Fast, effective washing using any cycle

Speed Booster

Cut your washing time, but still get hygienically clean and dry dishes. Simply select the Speed Booster to complete the cleaning process much faster, no matter what the cycle type or load size. It’s the ideal solution when you need to quickly wash some dishes or plates for a meal or a party.

Shows a person touching the Speed Booster option on the control panel to complete the cleaning cycle much faster.

Auto opens to release steam & dry faster

Auto Open

Samsung Dishwasher 14Place Silver DW60M5070FS , Get sparkling clean dishes every time with the Auto Open feature. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door automatically opens 10cm to allow steam to escape. It gives you faster and better drying results than conventional methods, especially for plastic and small items.

Shows steam escaping after the door opens automatically when a cycle ends, so that everything dries quickly and effectively.

Prevents hazardous & damaging water leaks

Aqua Stop

Stay safe from unexpected water damage with the Aqua Stop safety function. It shuts off the water supply and the electrical connection to stop the operation of the dishwasher if it detects small traces of water. So it protects you from electrical shocks and potentially expensive water damage.

Shows the water drainage system inside the dishwasher to illustrate how Aqua Stop can detect potentially hazardous leaks.

Product Description


Colour Silver
Type of controls Full Panel
Form Factor Freestanding
Noise 44 dB
Item dimensions LxWxH 60 x 60 x 85 centimeters
Weight 57 Kilograms
Voltage 240 Volts
Capacity 10 Liters